The Felpham & Middleton Country Dance Club

Picture Gallery 2022-23

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We celebrated our club's 90th Anniversary year with visiting callers, an odd costume evening, most of us attended the SusFA Playford Ball. Sean Goddard and Eclectic Regency graced our Summer Dance and picnic in a charming country house, and Barrie Bullimore came to call for our 90th Party. Never work with children or animals - as the saying goes!

video of grays inn mask
Grays Inn Mask

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Early in 2022 we were gatecrashed for a member's birthday - our caller valiantly kept order for Hazlenut.
The SusFA Playford Ball resumed this year, so several of our club attended; the photos show Madeleine, Musicans and a wig, and dancers at the Ball and the Christmas party.

video of hazlenut

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The Felpham & Middleton Country Dance Club 2022-23 Picture Gallery

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