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The value of a website lies in the unique content which will have required effort to create. If that unique content is copied to another website or used for another purpose, then authors lose the benefits of their work since people only visit and support sites for that unique content. So do not copy or frame the contents and/or format of this website. Should you wish to use our material please contact us (scroll down for a list of permissions granted so far and how I handle unauthorised usage).

Each page has a copyright statement that covers both its content and format. Any Trademarks on the website are the property of their respective owners. The copyright of the content and format of each page (unless stated otherwise on the page and/or listed below) and of the website in its entirety belongs to John Douglas with all rights reserved. In the event of any error/omission please let us know.

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Content where the copyright is explicitly retained by the owner. The content should be accompanied by a ' owner' statement on the page. The copyright owner has given permission for the use of their material and we believe that any conditions attached to their use to the extent that they are used has been met.

Public Domain Materials

This section identifies content assumed to be in the Public Domain to the extent that the material is used. In the event that we are mistaken, on being contacted by the copyright holder, we will either add the appropriate copyright statements or remove the offending material.

1) Drawing of Ciga

Permissions Granted

Search engines, directories and similar may use portions of my site in line with the accepted general use of sites on the internet for the purposes of providing search and directory services but only to refer to my site. Use of items from the site to advertise or promote other sites are regarded as unsolicited permissions.

Permissions for unsolicited Permissions

Framed Redirects is the term used whereby one site retains a visitor by providing the content of another site within a window on their site. The net result is to deprive the copyright holder of the benefits of that visitor and deceives the visitor into thinking that the contents are on that site. It is akin to republishing an article or book without that persons permission.

To resolve this issue, I will allow the contents of any part of to be used on the following conditions between me and the User of the sites content which include payments in respect of benefits accrued by the User of the sites content through use of the sites contents and any consequent losses to my site under the agreement below. Where content is used without permission the following agreement applies.


1) The User of the sites content will pay 40.00 per single item used (e.g.photograph, paragraph of text) per month.
2) The User of the sites content will pay 200.00 per complete page used per month.
3) The User of the sites content agrees to indemnify John Douglas for any loss, damage etc. etc. as a result of their use of the sites contents. In particular, the redirecting site agrees to pay an indemnity of 10,000.00 in the event Google or any other search engine/directory bans or refuses to list either site.
4) The User of the sites content agrees to pay any and all costs, including all legal fees, incurred by any party whatsoever in respect of his agreement, including resolving any anomalies, whether or not the User of the sites content is at fault or not.
5) The User of the sites content will pay John Douglas a 50% commission on all earning made through their site and disclose (at their own expense) all financial information relating to their company/companies, site and personal finance each month.
6) The User of the sites content agrees that John Douglas may increase and vary the the fees charged at his sole discretion. For convenience, the User of the sites content agrees that John Douglas may charge a single covering fee each month to cover all the individual items with the option for the User of the sites content to request a refund on them on providing a detailed summary of the individual items.
7) John Douglas will invoice sites in advance at monthly intervals. The User of the sites content shall make payment in full by cheque to Mr J.Douglas. Monthly charges will be made in respect of any period within a calendar month (ie part of any calendar month is charged as a full month). Payments will be made within 14 days and thereafter shall accrue late payment charges of 100.00 per reminder. Payments made that are not honoured with accrue a charge of 500.00.
8) The User of the sites content may not seek to transfer any assests or money away from the User of the sites content, their companies, sites or any entity from which John Douglas may seek payment without first obtaining permission from John Douglas and paying a 5% commission to John Douglas.
9) In the event that a User of the sites content wishes to terminate the agreement on receipt of the initial invoice, they may remove the all content from their site, give a written undertaking not to employ my content on any of their sites and pay an administration fee of 250.00 in lieu of monies owed and to cover legal fees already incurred. Should this agreement be broken, the User of the sites content undertakes to make prompt payment of all outstanding monies invoiced and pay John Douglas as if they had continued to use items from his site continously from the date of the first invoice, whether they had or not. Should it be determined that the content has been used for more than a month, the user of the sites content shall pay an additional fee of 250 for each year or part of year that the content has been used.
10) There is no need to contact John Douglas to set up the arrangement. Since use of contents require a concious act to set up, the mere use of content will be taken as acceptance of the above conditions.
11) The jurisdiction shall be agreed to be under UK law in the court of John Dougls's choice.


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