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Janet Douglas, John Douglas, Spot and Topsy

If you have any queries about international folk dancing in the UK, please contact us and we will try to help. Below we are making a list of questions we have helped out with so far though some were questions we never envisaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we know someone who can ...?

Unless they are International Folk or English Country people, usually the answer is no. We have a reasonable knowledge of the teachers in the UK and if we cannot help we will probably know someone who can. Whilst we have put people in touch with bands, we often are only aware of them by repute (we do not provide reviews). I think the oddest query we got was from someone who wanted to hire a Jewish Marching Band for a Bar Mitzvah and strangely enough we actually knew someone.

We suggest you check out our resource links, which can be helpful for the styles we know nothing about. For modern (ballroom, salsa, etc), tap etc go to our links page and under resources select DanceWeb.

Can we help with schools programs?

We have provided information and advice to 4 primary school teachers so far and are glad to help (hopefully just in pointing you in the right direction). There seems to be a number of teachers embarking on teaching Folk dance under the National Curriculum without any resources or back up.

We have helped obtain a Serbian folk dance costume for a dance course in Worthing since our friend Ibo in Switzerland knows a costume maker in Serbia from which it could be ordered.

Not so Frequently Asked Questions

A television company got in touch with us to see if we could find them a Russian Dance Troupe and we put them in contact with Orlyk in Manchester,

A company asked us why we ranked higher than them for one of their keywords combinations we had inadvertantly put on this page. We are not really geared to give support on these matters.

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