Janet Douglas

Janet Douglas started dancing Maypole and English country dances at school. She has always liked to dance; anything from Scottish to disco and Asturian to belly-dance. When she worked in Spain she used English country dance as a language teaching aid and on her return joined a circle dance group where she met the love of her life John the creator of this website.

Janet Douglas has attended courses and seminars on dances from the former Yugoslavia in Belgrade, Holland and England under teachers such as Paja Milic, Dragan Micic, Ibrahim Rizevski and Vladimir Janovski. Turkish folkdance is another area of interest; Ersin Seyhan has been the main influence. Janet Douglas is a recognised teacher of the Society for International Folk Dancing (SIFD), and has also attended many workshops. She was responsible for organising the international side of the Eastbourne International Folk Dance Festival for several years.

Janet Douglas is involved with the following:

1) Gosport & Fareham Interfolk as the teacher.
2) Bognor Regis International Dance Ensemble as the organiser and teacher.
3) East Preston Dance Circle as one of two teachers.
4) Felpham & Middleton English Country Dance Club as Vice-Chairman and a caller.
5) Chichester Mayfest - responsible for organising the folk performers and groups.
6) Newsletter of the Society for International Folk Dancing (SIFD) as the editor.

Janet Douglas - Personal Profile

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