John Douglas

Senior Software/Firmware Engineer


An innovative, self-directed and effective IT professional with nearly 30 years experience in software. Expertise in critical and safety critical real time embedded software.

I have multiple languages and platforms with no problem in mastering new ones (I even created my own automatic code generator). I have worked on a huge variety of applications (e.g. radar, space, meteorology, defence) and enjoy the differing challenges.


RTCA DO-178B, AQAP-13, ISO 9000

Trouble shooting, liaison with customers & internal departments

Development of Proposals, Plans, Standards & Methodologies

Requirements Capture & Analysis, Design & Implementation

Verification & Validation, Automated Testing & Code Generation

Embedded & Safety Critical Systems, BIT, CBIT, Optimization

Assembler, Scripting, Low & Mid Level languages

Comms protocols (RS232, ARINC, ESA, SMP,etc)

TUIs, GUIs, Drivers, multi-threading, self-modifying & interrupt code

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Embedded Software Engineer at Parker Kittiwake
June 2011 Present

Completed upgrades to Compatability Oven (port to new PIC chip), potmeter (new LCD), Metallic Particle Sensor (increased functiionality) and Digicells (tweaking variant displays).

Wrote f/w for Mobilgard Oil Monitoring unit.

Original 6 month contract extended to December 2012 and made permenant :-)

November 2009 - June 2011

Time for a long rest. Created the Susfa Website, became Meta-Editor at the Open Directory Project and a field unit worker at the Worthing Archaeological Society.

Firmware Engineer at Gemini Data Loggers
June 2002 November 2009 (7 years)

I was taken on to carry out the firmware on their project to streamline and modernize an existing range of data loggers handheld, battery operated devices recording various combinations of environmental data (temperature, humidity, shock, vibration). These were based around various PIC microprocessors. Working with marketing and hardware engineers, we reduced 45 variants to 12 corrected and fully tested ones and 10 new generation variants. This process also involved improvements resulting in the addition of better humidity algorithms, Built-in-Test, power management and power fail actions. I also implemented a basic configuration control system and introduced documentation, test harnesses and re-usable code. Having completed the above, I worked with hardware engineers to develop Automatic Test Equipment for production allowing boards to be fully tested before and after component population in order to reduce wastage. I was made redundant as there were no immediate plans for further new products.

April 2002 - June 2002

After years of 50+ hour weeks, I deserved it.

Software Team Leader at Meggitt Avionics
May 1996 March 2002 (6 years)

The production of Safety Critical Air Instrumentation to RTCA\DO-178B in charge of teams of 0.5 to 6. I have successfully delivered Air Data Units for over 20 types of aircraft (all those for civil aircraft are TSO certified by the CAA and FAA to Safety Critical Level B, the Mark 2 version being awarded accessory status - suitable for all planes). Completed Magnetic Heading Sensor to Level B (including plans, standards, and development methods, requirements capture and analysis, software architecture and design, and test). I was responsible for plans, standards, requirements capture and analysis and the technical review for a safety critical level A project. I have produced a variety of test and support software (including Automated Test) and prototype Units at DO-178B Levels D and E. Various support activities for other projects (review, consultancy, test, quality assurance, training).

Holiday/Self Employed

September 1995 May 1996

I was asked to take-on 2 fixed price contracts from a contracting firm to supply respectively a Satellite Data Logger Interface system and a (purpose classified) Pulse Detection Reporting system. Both were dedicated PC systems written in C involving a GUI and a multi-threaded and interrupt driven architecture. Both projects involved liaising with customers on behalf of the contracting firm to determine requirements and the customer's external auditors to achieve ISO9000 certification.

Senior Software Engineer at Space Technology Systems Ltd at Farnborough, Alton and Lasham
February 1989 September 1995 (6 years 8 months)

Initially employed to fulfill a year long contract with Flight Management Dept., RAE, for MOD(PE). Reorganised computing facilities (PC's, a MicroVax and HP mainframes), modified department's strategy and provided full computing support (i.e. procurement, training, consultancy etc). Suggested reforms that resulted in annual savings of 64K (a lot then). Produced Document Catalogue Program and Classified Map Drawing Program. Contract renewed twice for the analysis, design and implementation of a prototype NATO Planning System under Microsoft Windows.

On contract completion, carried out projects for OceanSpace, Technical Services and Intertec Divisions of STS as well as the Lasham Satellite Station. Supported remote sensing software for Offshore Oil Platforms and buoys as well as meteorological satellite communications software. Won and completed MOD contract for design of NATO JTIDS Planning System.

Implemented ESA Telecommand Standard for the DRA Farnborough STRV Ground Station for satellite communication (producing the Control and TeleCommand Control Terminals and all inter-computer communications) and involved at all levels in software/quality aspects of the entire project. Completed the Irish Rail Telephone Exchange System, Emergency Circuit software for Morpeth Level Crossing, modifications to Hermes Radio-Fax equipment. Integration of satellite downlink systems for Lasham Satellite Station (GUI and Network).

As Software Coordinator, involved in setting up, implementing and enforcing Quality Assurance Standards resulting in AQAP-13 certification. Set up of Controlled Software Library System. Created Divisional Software Developmental Methodologies.

Software Engineer at Ferranti (the bankrupt part)
September 1988 February 1989 (6 months)

The recruiter lied - this job was dull and beneath me - documenting obsolete subroutines so I left as soon as possible.

Senior Software Engineer at Prosig Computer Consultants
February 1984 September 1988 (4 years 8 months)

Initially employed as Junior Software Engineer in Systems Dept but promoted to the Special Projects Division. Promoted to Assistant Software Engineer at end of 1985, Software Engineer in 1987, and Senior Software Engineer in 1988.

Produced Atomic Weapons Research Establishment Project (HP200=>VAX Data Transfer Utility), CEGB TMIE Equipment (embedded Assembler), Eye Movement Data Acquisition System for ARE Physiological Dept, Dowty Acquisition System (engine testing to destruction), Radar Acquisition System for Rutherford-Appleton and input control system for Ferranti. Produced Ford Data Acquisition System, which was commended for quality, innovation and user-friendliness. Solution more than doubled data throughput using real-time A.I. techniques (self-modifying code) enabling Prosig to bid more competitively. Assisted in Projects for Ford Boreham, Pyestock, ARE, RAE, ROF and TRLL amongst others, (including Chaff Production) supplying specialist code or design. Supervision and training of junior staff.

In-house consultancy work for 'specialist' real-time assembler and other code. Produced code for various communications links, peripherals (ie Quantel Image Processor, StoreHorse, Array Processors etc) and other hardware (ie boards, LCD's, Bitpads, etc). Produced series of subroutine libraries for applications programmers (ie command line parsers, mathematical suites, report generator, graphics etc). Also given responsibility for in-house HP System and the transferral of company software from DEC to HP, plus in-house and customer PDP System support, as well as DECNET network support.

This and that at Various Non Profit organizations
July 1978 September 1983 (5 years 3 months)

On leaving University various temporary work including researcher at Butser Ancient Farm (gained experience in sheep and cow herding, mattocking, wattle and daubing and copper smelting).

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