Topsy (Incipient Royalty)

playing with spot

Topsy arrived as a kitten inherited from a granddaughter whose cat had a litter. Spot became her foster mum and tried to bring her up properly but unfortunately Topsy never made a very good puppy. She has grown to be a danger to all the local wildlife including the foxes living over the wall - she chased one around the garden.


topsy playingtopsy playing

However she has learnt to avoid hedgehogs and Jack-the-Undead-Cat. She is not really a very brave cat and relies heavily on 'Mum' to support her. After years of 'puss-offs' with Blossom next door they have negotiated a truce and Topsy often visits to get away from Jack and eat Blossom's food. Topsy has learnt to cope with Jack, recognising him as no real danger but someone to be wary of. As you can see, they can co-exist quite closely when food is involved.

eating with Jack

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