Interfolk Legal Disclaimers

We are a UK based organisation and are only obliged to meet the relevant UK/EEC legislation. Our information is primarily relevant to people in or near both East and West Sussex, secondly to the UK and only marginally outside the UK.


We have registered with the Internet Content Rating Association and are in the process of registering with SafeSurf as a site that has no nudity or sexual material, no violence, no potentially offensive language, no material covered by a set of other contentious topics and no chat facilities. This is voluntary and essentially means that the ICRA check up once in a while and, if we do not meet the standards we set ourself, they tell us to correct the problem areas. If we do not then the parental control software will define us as untrustworthy.


The site is purely informative and has no methods for user input other than for navigation purposes and thus we cannot collect any personal information as a result of anyone visiting our site. All email contacts rely on the contacter consciously copying and modifying email addresses into their own mail programs.

Links to Other Websites

We have added links to other websites in good faith, we do not knowingly link to obscene, pornographic or illegal sites. We make no claim in regard to any site linked to and a link should not be taken as an endorsement or mark of approval of any sort. We are not responsible for the content, layout or any other aspect of the sites we link to. It is possible that these sites may change ownership or purpose and thus the reason why we linked to the site may no longer apply. We therefore explicitly distance ourselves from the content (including all displayed links and adverts) and all methodologies (e.g. pop-up windows) that may be employed by any linked site.

Reliance on Information

The information on the site has been put there in good faith and, for each page, is based upon information available to us at the time each page was created. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information and can accept no responsibility or liability for the results of any reliance placed on it (e.g. physical or financial loss, disappointment, negligence, injury or other damage, etc). The contents of our site should not be taken an endorsement or mark of approval of any sort for any person, product, organisation or activity listed or described. It is quite possible that an error has crept in or that some or all of the details may have changed without our knowledge.

It is the responsibility of the user of this site to verify any published details (e.g. times, venue, cost, event type etc) that they wish to rely on with the organisation directly responsible for the activity/service described. Many of the activities involve physical exertion and it is the responsibility of the user of the site to determine the degree of exertion required and relate it to their state of health. Basically if there's any possibility of us being sued over any issue by anyone, it is their responsibility to ensure that that situation did not arise in the first place.

Interfolk disclaims responsibility for everything - we were on holiday at the time!

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