On Show 2010

With the CCPR and SIFD At The Royal Albert Hall

The SIFD Display was choreographed and organised by our very own Janet Douglas and included all the Bognor Regis International Dance Ensemble dancers, both adults and children. Grateful thanks are due to Dalila Heath for help with the Armenian dances and costumes, the various group leaders throughout the country for co-ordinating and preparing their contingents, and all the people who took part

Note: There have been problems viewing Marco's videos as the certain hosts compress them whilst being sent and this seems to screw them up so they are being moved to YouTube.

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Dress Rehearsals At Solihull

Pictures from Janet, Chrisandra Harris and Sue Kewley. (Originals 1-1.8Mb)
Originals 2.2Mb, 2.7Mb and 3.1Mb

At The Royal Albert Hall

Pictures From Paul Lindley

Originals up to 122Kb

Pictures From Lynda Shaw and Lorna Ramsden

Originals 120Kb-132Kb

Pictures From Judith Payling

Originals 760-940Kb
Video Stills up to 20Kb

On Show 2010

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