2007 B.R.I.D.E. Folk Dance

Bognor Regis International Dance Ensemble

In July a mixed group performed fourteen dances during the wettest summer in ages at the Victoria Embankment Gardens Theatre, as part of the summer programme from the Society for International Folk Dancing. We enjoyed ourselves (we were under cover), but the rain created huge fluctuations in audience numbers.

The children also danced English Country dances at a couple of fetes, and five of us danced inside the little Saxon Church at Ford festival.

We finished off our 2007 displays at Butlins, in conjunction with the Salvation Army. After a performance of Vira das Cavacas and Fyrmanna Schottishe, contestants joined us for a bit of fun in The Generation Game.


2007 B.R.I.D.E. Folk Dance Tour

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