2004 B.R.I.D.E. Folk Dance

Bognor Regis International Dance Ensemble

The display team consisted of the Bognor Regis adults and children plus children from Paulsgrove. The adults were dressed in Ukrainian costume, the children in Danish and 'pan-european' costumes. The display team performed the following international folk dances at the Paulsgrove Carnival, the Rustington Carnival and the Pagham Fete:

Archangelski Chorowod (Russia), Moy Muzhenka (Russia), Vosle Sadu (Russia), Walenki (Russia), Erva Cidera (Portugal), the Cumberland Reel (Britain), Familie Sekstur (Denmark) and Trommelvals (Denmark).

Pagham Village Fete

The display team were the stars of the show at Pagham and I managed to get some good pictures of dancing. The display team consisted of adults, children from Bognor Regis dressed in Danish costume and the Paulsgrove children dressed in 'pan-european' costume. (Note: dressing children in costume makes it easy to find them at fetes when they have a tendency to wander off to investigate bouncy castles and the like).

Unfortunately there are no photographs of dancing from the other events. Getting dancing pictures with a digital camera is very difficult and requires extremely good light. These are the best dancing photographs from Pagham.

2004 B.R.I.D.E. Folk Dance Tour

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