Christmas YU Folk Festival Belgrade 2001/2 Photographs

Bognor Regis International Dance Ensemble

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Evening Folk Dance Socials

The festival was a nostalgic reunion for Ciga. His life time work was involved in popularising international folk dancing and this, his last project, introduced a set of people to folk dances taught by Serbian teachers. We had several evening parties which involved early mornings. The dancing was accompanied by live music and plum brandy. The teaching was excellent albeit often in Serbian.

The Gradimer Dance Company

The Gradimer display team put on a special show and for an evening we were treated to a variety of Serbian folk dances. It was an experience not to be missed especially the recitation by the 'bard' in full traditional style.

Janet Douglas nobly suffering in the cause of folk dance

We arrived in Belgrade for the Christmas YU Folk Festival to find temperatures below 0. Janet does not like the cold though she liked the snow as we rarely see it in Bognor Regis. It was difficult to get her to go out sight-seeing. I did point out that it was the one holiday where it wouldn't rain and she wouldn't have to climb a mountain, explore a volcano, go underground or defend herself against mosquitos. Despite this she has vetoed the idea of a winter holiday to Leningrad or visiting Santa in Lapland.

Belgrade Ethnographic Museum

One reason for the lack of good photos of the rest of the holiday was that I used up my films at this museum photographing folk dance costumes. Of course I forgot to photograph the text so don't know which is which! Anyway here is a small selection.

a Serbian womans costume
a Serbian man's costume
a womans costume from Serbia
a man's costume from Serbia
a costume worn by Serbian women
a costume worn by Serbian men
a Serbian womans costume

Christmas YU Folk Festival Belgrade 2001/2 Photographs

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