Appendix : 1994 - 2007

A History of the Felpham & Middleton Country Dance Club

The club is one of the oldest extant English folk dance clubs in England and has now (in 2007) been providing folk dance opportunities for 75 years. Reg has added an Appendix to the history covering the first sixty years (1933 - 1994) covering the following years in order To bring us up to date.

On re-reading what I wrote to celebrate the club's Diamond jubilee and subsequent history as recorded in the minute books I can now view the club in a broader perspective.

The book highlights the ups-and-downs not only of the Felpham & Middleton Country Dance Club but the national organization referred to in the minutes books as "H.Q". The club is still affiliated to the EFDSS but it does not appear to hold the same affection and authority to local clubs as it used to. Other factors hold a more important influence on our small club including published local progammes of events.

So with the turn of the century the club was still happily functioning with old members leaving and new members coming in but with the core numbers being reasonably constant. There was however a cloud on the horizon in the form of very strong rumours concerning the future of the St. Nicholas Church Hall where we had been meeting for many years. The best solution on offer was the Small Jubilee Hall close by, where we still meet on Friday nights. The old hall was finally demolished some years later to make room for an extension to the church.

In 2003 another great event took place, we celebrated the club's 70th birthday which was a highly satisfactory occasion, and since then the club has been proceeding along similar lines to those in the latter part of the last century. We regularly learn new dances, give the occasional display, and have a satisfactory programme of guest callers. The actual membership changes as it always must do but we always give a friendly welcome to new members, an increasing number of whom are joining as a result of our presentation on the internet.

We often wonder how many similar clubs can be looking forward to a 75th anniversary? This takes place next year and the hall and live band have been booked.

Why not join the club and be a part of this unique celebration?

©Reg Came July 2007

Appendix : 1994 - 2007 to the history of the Felpham & Middleton Country Dance Club

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